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Empowering the local community one visit at a time.


Kuya Arthur - Our local boatman and owner of several boats transporting guests through and from Calaguas. A veteran boat pilot known for his competence at sea as he prioritizes his guests safety at all times.

Ciryl, Bj, Buboy et al - relax and let the rest of

our polite and helpful local staff assist you in our beach camp.


We are a local Calaguas group. We promote a No Fuss, No Frills  Beach Camping vacation for a fraction of the price that big Calaguas Package Tour Organizer's charge for a memorable holiday vacation.

We can lower our base price because our resources come mainly from the island. Our boatman, all our staff, down to our cook are residents of Calaguas, either born in the island or have been living there for several years.

Choose Calaguas local​​ ​and help locals of Calaguas empower and enrich their lives through real local tourism, and not the big establishments that are starting to threaten and destroy the calm and quiet of the virgin beach that is Calaguas.