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Here are some of the most asked questions.

Feel free to ask us anything you want to know about Calaguas under the facebook comment box below.


The rate - P 1,800, Is this a per person rate?

Yes, our local rate is just P1,800/px minimum of 15px (Day trips only).

We also have an overnight trip (P2,200/px) and 3d/2n (P2,900/px) updated rates.
*bus fare is based from Pasay-Edsa to Daet and vice-versa.


You mentioned that this is a virgin island, does it have basic amenities such as toilets?

Yes, Calaguas does not have any commercial establishments in the island but it has basic amenities such as decent enough lavatories and fresh water from a deep well (we recently had a water pump for our guests)... and night lights from a generator during dinner time.


Can I bring my 4 year old kid, is it safe for travel?

The sea travel to Calaguas is generally safe; we have life vests on board and the waves are generally serene during summertime. However young children are usually prone to seasickness, discretion would be up to the parent/guardian.


How do we pay, is there a down payment?

Once you have your final number of participants confirmed, we require a full or 50% down payment two weeks before the actual trip, to secure boat and Island reservations. If it's less than two weeks, we usually require the full payment.
The rest of the balance should be settled on the day of the trip.
We will be sending our company's BPI Family and BDO account number once confirmation for your trip is final.

Payment vial PayPal (credit card enrollment) is also available.



Do you have tours for large group/number of people?

Yes we do, but as much as possible we limit the number of people to not more than a hundred. This is a virgin (non-commercial) island and we want to keep it that way as long as possible. The amenities in these islands such as lavatories can only accommodate a limited few. We want to make our guest's vacation pleasurable as possible and not a nightmarish one.

*the BER months usually have big waves of upto 3-5m or even more, this is a hit and miss season and we generally discourage open ocean trips during these times. Summertime is the best season to visit this beautiful island.

What if there is a storm or cancelation due to bad weather or erratic movement of ocen waves that we have to cancel?

We have several options for such an event:

*We can bring you to Bagasbas beach where we can still do the same tour/package; beach camping, camp meals and island fees

*We can do a reschedule of the said tour, six (6) months from the date of the original tour date

*At the most, half of the remaining balance on the day itself (to cover the cost of the expenses of the pre-tour), however the down payment to secure the reservation is non-refundable.


**2 weeks notice should be given to cancel the resefrvation, other than that the down payment is non-refundable


Payment of Tour: Payment method of tour can be made online or by bank deposit. Direct deposits and bank transfers may be arranged. Final and formal tour reservation would be considered once the down payment has been made (50% of the full amount) unless stipulated otherwise for a specific tour. Final payment (50% of remaining balance) shall be made on the day of the tour itself.


Changes to Reservation: Once initial payment has been made for a tour reservation, all change requests must be received in writing. RST is subject to the rules and fees of third party suppliers and thus change requests are not guaranteed. If change is possible, all fees by the supplier, as well as an administrative fee will be added to the reservation cost.

Cancellation Fees: Unless stated differently on the tour, cancellations received 2 weeks or more prior to departure date will be refunded in full. Thereafter, cancellation fees are as follows:


less than 2 weeks = 75% of tour cost

Cancellation due to frtuitous event shall be scheduled or given an alternate tour near the vicinity (Bagasbas beach tour).

If the tour is cancelled by Red SHoe Tours, a full refund of all deposits and/or payments will be given. boat rentals, port reservation, tour operators and other suppliers have their own contracts covering cancellation penalties and other terms and conditions. You may be bound by those contracts regardless of whether you receive notice of their terms.